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You are a Female Barber?

Updated: May 2, 2018

Barbering and styling how the industry is coming together.

With the rise of men taking more care and due diligence in their grooming routine, the service experience is changing. More men are going to Salon environments, as opposed to the traditional walk-in pick a number wait till it’s your turn, Turn and Burn Barbershop. Not to say that that traditionalism is dying by any means, in fact barbering is on the rise with more stylist getting their crossovers, meaning having dual licensing cosmetology and barbering. Differences Between Barbers and Cosmetologists.... Both professions cut, style and wash hair, but barbers are better known for cutting men's hair while cosmetologists have female and male clientele. In addition to hairstyling, cosmetologists perform pedicures, manicures, waxing treatments, facials and makeup application. Most Barbers don't take advantage of the option for facials, massage, or skin services. You learn the same thing cosmetologists learn about that stuff. I have both licenses and therefore I offer an array of services to my clientele. There is a fine line being tread in our industry right now regarding talks of merging the different verticals of men and women's hair together. Many states offer you to get both licenses at the same time. In Washington State cosmetologists can use a straight razor. There is so much discord as how to move forward with the inconsistency in regulations. When are we going to get it together. There are so many things that are taught to cosmos and not to barbers, and vice versa. Whether you do men's hair or women's hair, you are a hairstylist, hairdresser, groomer, service provider, etc. Its about the client. The people we are helping, making beautiful. We are one of the only professions besides medicine where we are physically touching our clients, and potentially able to cause disease or damage if we are not trained properly. I heard a horrible story just recently at a hairshow, about a cosmetologist who was able to use a straight razor cutting a client during a shave and sending him down the street to the barbershop to fix it. The barber saw the cut and referred him to doctors where the client needed stitches. This saddens me when I think about how that reflects on our industry overall. Beauty professionals are some of the most pivotal people in a community. Confidants to some of the most affluential people in the world.

A very good friend of mine, George Miller, (many of you might know him in the industry and respect him as an individual like I do) said:

"It is my sincere belief that the Beauty Industry needs to Respect itself in a way that it has not done in the past. My Mission is to Pro-actively help by uniting Professionals with "Pure Education". "Pure Education" is NOT biased in ANY way by Manufacturers. It is information that is intended to Explain & Help the Professional "UNDERSTAND" its content. It is NEVER meant to "Sell" or "Endorse" any specific product at the expense of the Truth.

Please comment below on what you think we as an industry can do to raise the standard, and unify hairdressers everywhere?

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