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Fuck you NO!

Sale rebuttals can be the hardest battle in retail selling obstacles. It's not just about learning what the most commonly used ones are, but how NO makes you feel when you hear it.

Because rejection is something that everyone struggles with, especially right to your face. It's like walking up to a person in a bar, and getting the hand. It can be a nightmare, or it can provide you with an incredible opportunity to distinguish yourself as a salesperson and rise to the top of the pack. If you want to be a better salesperson, learn to love the “no’s.” In doing so, you’ll give yourself the edge you need to excel.

Common Reasons people don’t buy product:


  1. “It’s too much money”

  2. “Isn’t this cheaper online”


  1. “I use my wife’s products”

  2. “My significant other buys my product for me”


  1. “I’ve been using (….) for years, why should I change”

  2. “I have always just used hairspray/gel” (usually older clients)


  1. “I buy my product in bulk and have a bunch at home”

  2. “I buy my product at the grocery store when I’m there”


  1. “I don’t like to use product in my hair”

  2. “I don’t like the feeling that I have product in my hair”


  1. “'I just bought some”

  2. "I'm not sure if I need it right now"

Rules in Dealing with Rejection:

Everyone loves the sound of the word YES... it’s so positive, so empowering. And then there’s “NO!” For most people, NO is just the opposite: negative… depressing… the antithesis of yes.

I work with JohnnyB Haircare doing education, and in salon training. I hear from salon owners and managers that the largest hurdle they have in sales is getting their stylists to recommend retail. I say recommend because as a professional its part of your job to recommend and refer your clients be using the most beneficial products for their hair, skin, and overall appearance. Not everyone every time is going to want what you recommend, but I don't let any client out of my chair without asking them if they need anything at home. It's not always hair products they ask about, you are their grooming guru. I tell stylists to think of "no" as "not right now".

Rule 1. Don't take it personally. Your clients aren't being mean in saying no, they are just naturally reacting. We as a society are being sold all day through almost every avenue. Don't you say NO if fell like someone is trying to sell you something. Rule 2. Don't be scared. They can't say yes if you don't ask. If you don't like money that's fine, I know I do. It's not about pride, or nerves, it's about retail being anywhere from 15-30% of your revenue. Rule 3. Don't sell. Your clients want to trust you, and then they will purchase from you. If they feel like you are just trying to get them to buy the newest product you brought in, they don't feel unique or that you care about their needs.

You aren't bothering your clients by offering product solutions. They expect it actually. They want you to educate them on their hair, any scalp issues, products that help them to achieve their ultimate groomed image. Do so with tact and knowledge. Don't let your personal insecurities be the reason you loose out on thousands of dollars a year. The internet is at your disposal. It takes less time to look up the information to help you then it takes to worry about what you can't do because of what you don't know.

A close friend, and business mentor always reminds me "what would you do if you weren't afraid?" I know ask you that?

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