Sex, God, and the MAN.

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I’m having this, “Do I really even have to remind people of this?” moment as I feel the need to bring up this topic, but you’d be amazed at some of the awkward, uncomfortable discussions I’ve been subjected to over the years. Am I saying it’s not your entitlement or free will as a human being to have strong views or opinions on sensitive topics? Absolutely not. I’m saying that the salon is never the forum to share these opinions, whether you are a client or the professional. What happens if the client you’re talking to feels strongly about the topic, too, in the exact opposite way you do? Chances are you’ll reduce or eliminate your opportunity of retention of said client. In adverse, I have been so uncomfortable with clients who boisterously voice thier opinions while in the chair, making everyone in the shop uneasy.

Who am I to say what is appropriate to discuss with YOUR clients. Just someone who has learned from experince about loosing or sacrificing potential business relationshops due to my personal opinions. I have a great relationship with my clients, and over the years I have practiced diplomatic ways to converse without feelings being involved. I love to hear opposing thoughts to those of my own. That's how we grow and learn. how boring would it be if everyone thought the same way. We are chameleons as hairdressers, and need to be able to adapt to our clientele. That includes what we talk about with our clients.

Now you know your environment, and you ultimately know whats appropriate or not. I am not your boss, or mother, or dictator. I do have a love and passion for the industry and am shocked by the lack of pride our community has in the reputation of hairdressers. Why we rank as undatable on the "Hot to Crazy" matrix lol. But, seriously lets raise the bar for ourselves and clients. Please share experiences you have had that are simliar, or any advice you might offer to fellow professionals who have issues with this same thing.Ta Ta for now!