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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We have all been Dr. Frued to our clients. I am sure my hairstylist has been my therapist at some point too. As much as my clients confide in me, I confide in her. I sincerely understand how all-encompassing personal issues can be, especially when you’re bogged down by a stressful day or family issues. Having your own personal life going on, then going into work, and needing to be the carebear for your clients can be overwhelming. They tell you all about how their husband is cheating on them, they got into a car accident, he just lost his job, so on and so forth. There you are wanting to vent just like they are, and I know it might provide at least momentary relief to share (or overshare) these problems with your clients. Heck, we hear all about their drama, are we not allowed to vent too. I am a big victim of divulging too much personal information. When I first started working in the salon I would go on about my night, drinking, meeting guys, and I never really thought about whether they wanted to know.

This is not your audience for spilling your guts on these things. The majority of your clients you probably have a very close relationship with them, a friendship above and beyond the service you offer. Many of my clients have seen my daughter grow up, been with me through multiple failed relationships, and vice versa. Know your audience. Be observant of whether they are just being nice or truly interested in your conversations. Not all your clients want to hear your stresses. Also, realize that it may not be the time to put yourself in professional situations, period, and that’s OK. If you are having things going on that you just can't leave at the door when you walk into work, then DON'T. Take that sick day. Don't let outside influences affect your business. It's hard and takes practice. I still do it too. We need to work on raising the level of professionalism in our industry and that starts with your individual reputation, and what your clients say about you (and what you talk about!). Please share your thoughts!

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