Weed Legal.

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

You might ask: How much do your clients and coworkers really need to know about your personal life? Certainly, it’s important to create connections and build relationships with others, especially those you’re looking to rely on day-to-day as teammates or paying your bills. But it pays to do so over far less controversial topics, especially when you consider the salon grapevine.

Often people don't realize the environment they are in, the people you are around, and how what you say can effect your business. One thing said to another in confidence often becomes public knowledge all-too-soon … and tends to gain embellishments with every retelling. We have all played the game Telephone. Salon managers often hear more than you think as well. They’re better off remembering you for your dedication and work ethic than off-hours exploits. Ask yourself again: What assumptions might others make regarding my ability to perform my job and judgment—and how uncomfortable might they be in the presence of such discussion or insights? You’ve surely seen enough weed culture inspired comedies, and courtroom dramas on TV to get an idea of the types of clichés and conclusions the general public may inadvertently jump to. I myself smoke weed. I do talk about it to my clients who I know are 420 friendly, but I will admitt I lower my tone and do my best to seclude our conversation to my chair. I would feel horrible if I had a fellow stylist alert me of the uncomfortability of their client due to my conversation. Be aware. Our industry is fun, our clients even expect us to be a little eccentric, keep in mind it would fair you well to excercise a level of discretion when sharing your evening ramps or recreational preferences. Share your thoughts!

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